Amy Chadney


I am a Devon-based artist, creative mentor, indie business expert and transformational life coach.

I help womxn untie the knots in their heads and hearts. Time with me is a space for people to speak freely and find answers to wanderings that keep them up at night or niggle away like a stone in their shoe.

As a neurodiverse mother, creative and entrepreneur for over 25 years I draw on past experience and my love of constant learning. As a qualified coach I specialize in bringing calm to chaos, with lots of laughter in between!
I help womxn and m/others become free to reconnect with their inner power, reduce anxiety, gain clarity, and dispel any beliefs holding back their progress, confidence, and motivation.
Through my therapeutic techniques and coaching, my clients have tapped into their unique gifts and strengths. Igniting big life changes such as new careers, new artworks, launching businesses, publishing books, taking sabbaticals and flourishing in their relationships.

My Values Are:

Purposeful and Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a 'life strategy', or road map, that is rooted in your own values, goals, dreams, and visions. Not conforming to anybody else’s standards apart from your own.

Defining What Success Looks Like for Ourselves

To find peace in the ways that we progress in life. Realizing that sometimes success is knowing when to rest. You can never be ‘left behind’ when you determine what success looks like to you.

A Creative & Connected Community

Finding a way to communicate to the world that feels authentic to you.. Feeling connected to others so that you can communicate confidently and happily.

Personal Growth and Discovery

Giving ourselves the permission to ask questions, to change and to grow. To bravely acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses so that we can flourish and thrive

What other people are saying:

Anna Ryan Musician

Amy was an excellent coach because I felt heard, seen and valued in a space that I had initially found slightly daunting.

Anna Ryan
Songwriter & musician

Amy helped me to focus my thoughts which are usually like a swarm of crazed bees. The calming presence of Amy, even through Zoom, made for such a positive experience

Tracy Clarke
Mrs Bertimus - Coaching Client

Working with Amy has been both a transformational and empowering experience and this has helped me with both my small creative business and my everyday life.

Letitia Thompson

Amy really listened to my struggles and what blocks I had. She was able to guide me to the answers I was looking for, put me back on my 'entrepreneurial path', and made me believe in myself again. She made me accountable for my actions and gave me praise for my achievements.

Rachel MacKay

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