Looking for something UNIQUE AND INDIVIDUAL? It could be a 60th birthday? Christmas present? For your best friend or favorite relative? Child or parent? Favorite saying or daily encouraging words that you need to see? A favorite memory of a vacation you d like to have a map and illustration on? Or maybe you just have a space in your home that is crying out for an individual, unique and hand crafted piece of art. Amy Chadney would love to create a piece for you.

  • The hand painted originals will be designed especially for you, you will get a sketch first as a proof then Amy will create the final piece. (Except for Flamingos)
  • Sizes start at 5×7 and can go as big as you wish! 
  • This amazing idea will give the person, or house, you love something totally unique and special.
  • We can also order duplicates  of your original for your friends and family too, as prints, cards or posters. 

Commission Pricing Structure:

Graphite on Paper $2.00/£1.52 per sq. inch *
Maximum size 10×12
4×4: $32/£24 (minimum)
6×6: $72/£54
9×12: $216/£164

Fine Art $2.50/£1.90 per sq. inch.
Below 12×12= $2.00/£1.52 per sq. inch
No maximum size. Images may be on wood, canvas or other material.
4×5: $40/£30 (minimum)
6×6: $72/£55
9×9: $162/£125
12×12: $288/£219
20×20: $1000/£760
30×24: $1800/£1366

$3.00/2.66GBP per sq. inch below 12×12.

Subject to complexity of design.
4×5: $60/£46 (minimum)
6×6: $108/£82
9×9: $243/£184
12×12: $432/£328 

Silhouettes made of flowers 
Below 24×30 = $1.25/£1.14 per sq. inch  
Above 24×30 $1.50/£1.33 per sq. inch (due to paint usage and details)
No maximum size. Images may be on wood, canvas or other material.
8×10: $100/£76(minimum)
11×14: $192.50/£146
16×20: $400/£304
24×30: $1080/£820
2ftx3ft: $1296/£985

*Any additional face is an additional $15/£11

The prices are not contractual and are estimates on prices. Complexity of design can increase cost. Shipping not included.  It is understood that the image style will be in keeping with Amy’s style – unless otherwise stated. Sizes and shapes of images can be creative and not just squares or rectangles. Insurance will be bought for any piece being mailed.

Personalised Commission Contracts will be crafted for you on request.

Interested? Please get in touch…


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