How a Coach Can Help Take You From Confusion to Clarity


How it works:

 At the heart of it all, Transformational Coaching is a matter of problem-solving, generating solutions and thinking “outside of the box” within a collaborative partnership. The coachee and the coach work together to creatively approach problem solving and limiting beliefs that are holding the coachee back in life. Moving from where they are now to where they want to be.

Coaching can be for those of us that feel frustrated and wish to transition from one stage of life to another but find ourselves stuck with the question “But HOW?”

Is Coaching for everyone?

In short – yes!

The name ‘coach’ may raise questions within you. Maybe you think “ I know I want some kind of transformation, but I’m not sure what it is?”. That is ok. Discovery Sessions are designed with just that in mind. Many coaches offer an introductory call, and maybe some coaching so that you can get a better idea of what to expect from your time with the coach.

I’ve spent the last 20 years within the creative mentoring/coaching sector and still have those kinds of questions surface now and again! 

I truly believe that transformational coaching is for everyone. It is a journey of self-discovery, action-oriented goal setting, and empowerment. Coaching works to enhance the ability, desires, and determination of the coachee. Thus helping them to find their own solutions and the energy and ability to put them into action.

As a trained artist as well as a coach, I also believe that art has the ability to create transformational shifts in perception, depth of understanding, and meaning. Coaching with art as an optional tool enables my clients to access a deeper level of awareness. An awareness that may be unconscious to them and for which they do not have words. Art (or simple mark-making) goes beyond words. Exploring and connecting clients to their images, using definitive coaching practices, enables them to experience significant ‘ah-ha!’ moments that lead to lasting change.

Coaching is absolutely for (and not limited to):

  • Anyone who is feeling frustrated within their lives
  • Anyone who feels they’ve ‘tried everything’ but still feels stuck
  • Anyone that wants to self manage anxiety or overwhelm through creative mindfulness
  • Anyone who has a creative element in their job role and is feeling ‘stuck in a rut’
  • Anyone who is looking to launch a creative independent business
  • Anyone who is looking to turn their creative inspirations into a business
  • Anyone who is at a stage in their life that they would like to try something different
  • Anyone who is feeling nervous about making the transition from daydream to reality.
  • Anyone who would like to practice overcoming self-doubt and lack of confidence.

What can transformational coaching help you with?

Working with a coach gives you the opportunity to explore your new ideas, gain encouragement and face challenges alongside a person that is invested in your success and desire for change. 

They can help you gain insight, and then traction, for your thoughts and applications for different (and life changing) strategies.

A coach can help you create a simple roadmap to get you to your target (e.g. launching a business) or explore why that road map feels like a long hard slog up a mountainside! They are not going to tell you what to do, or do the tasks for you. Rather, they will seek to inspire you to look at things from new viewpoints, to encourage you to conquer your problems, and to be your champion in the process.

Creativity Boost!

If life feels a little grey and you’d like a bit of a ‘revamp’ and creative injection – Coaching is for you. A few sessions to ‘dust the cobwebs off’ and flex your creative muscle is an excellent way to transition from one stage of life into another.

If your job is creative and you are just feeling a little uninspired right now – improving your creative skill sets and mindfulness alongside your coach may be incredibly helpful for you.

Creative Block?

It happens to us all (sometimes we don’t even know it’s happened until we have a big ‘ah ha moment’ one day triggered by something we’ve seen or read). 

We’ve lost touch with our creative spark and have been left feeling stuck and lost. Coaches are no stranger to this and will happily work with you to identify the obstacles in your way and identify ways together in which you can overcome them.

Launching your own independent business?

Sick of the nine to five or have had a daydream that you want to make into a reality? Through listening intently to your ideas and dreams we can work together to create a clear road map to build your creative business. 

As a creative entrepreneur myself this is a subject close to my heart and have tried and tested many methods myself. A Coach can be an indispensable ally for entrepreneurs.

Mindful Creativity?

Comparison is the thief of joy – with so much visual content available to us at the touch of a button it is easy to feel overwhelmed and that there is ‘nothing left for you’ or quite bluntly – uninspired! 

Mindful creativity is a powerful tool used to ensure great mental health and the confidence to be yourself. As well as an injection of joy, you can re-discover the freedom of just being yourself and feeling inspired in the process.

‘Imposter Syndrome’ and Self-Doubt?

I once heard someone describe self-doubt as a little character in our heads that pops up to ‘protect us’ from new things..

This made the dreaded, sometimes crippling self-doubt, much more approachable and ‘defeatable’ for me. I like to imagine this little character as my ‘little warrior granny’ worrying away for me. When I could imagine it as such I was able to thank it for thinking of me – then doing the thing anyway! The voice was still there but I had transformed it into a ‘kind’ worry rather than a loud klaxon of fear. 

If you find that fear and self-doubt are stopping you from achieving what you want: Coaching is a fabulous process where you can explore new techniques and strategies to get to the root of the fear and how to gain breakthrough from it.

“In all cases, clarity of thought and vision is at the heart of coaching”


It’s All a Part of the Process:

The process of coaching is to be completely client focused. It involves collaborating to encourage courageous changewelcoming challenges and creating a meaningful life together with the client. 

At its most simplistic ‘transformational coaching’, or life coaching, is a collaboration between a coach and coachee. A non directive conversation between two people that can bring about clarity, change through questions, reflections, choices and new break through behaviours. 

The tools used within transformational coaching are drawn from psychology and philosophy to help you make sense of your life at present, identifying blocks and together come up with ways of working through them, around them and over them! 

It is important to note that coaching differs from therapy or counselling as it focuses forward and does not spend much time unoicking the past.

Throughout this process clients are empowered to make life changing choices within their own lives, relationships and work.

“This sounds like something I need in my life!”

If any of the above resonates with you why not book a complimentary discovery session that is designed and structured to allow you and I to get to know each other better? 

We will chat about where your life is at today, and what changes you would like to make or what goals you would like to achieve. These welcome sessions are exciting in themselves and often leave you feeling lighter and with more clarity for your journey ahead.

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